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Product Description

The Grab Bag's Motto: "You Get What You Get and Don't Get Upset!"

Every month, we source some of the coolest stuff in hockey. The problem is that we are also sent all sorts of free samples, have extra swag that never made it into a box or some cool big stuff that we like to surprise our members with. No matter what, it's hockey related - but sometimes you might get something really cool and sometimes you might get a few pucks, who knows. This is NOT our premier PenaltyBox, but hey - it's fun. The key here is RANDOM.

Every bag is different and we'll probably sell out, so don't miss out. Take a chance.

Grab Bags ship every month AFTER the last PenaltyBox hits the door, so kick back - relax and enjoy! No returns unless defective - that'd be silly.

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