How It Works


It is really simple. Each month, our team of players picks out a selection of essentials like tape, laces and wax and performance gear like dry-fit socks, protective gear etc.  We then box these up in our custom PenaltyBoxes and ship them to your front door. No box is ever identical - we keep it fresh and interesting to keep you on top of your game.

We have two different boxes, one for the skaters who are 13 and Under and one for those 13+.  Our 13U boxes typically have a few fun items in them and our 13+ box focuses on practical essentials and performance gear for the older players. 

The PenaltyBox is the go-to gift for any hockey player!

Step 1

Choose Your Skater's Age

Step 2

Answer a Few Questions

Step 3

Sit back and wait for your PenaltyBox to be delivered

Hockey Players are a different breed and finding the perfect gift is often a tough task! Of course you could give the boring team shirt or hat, or even tickets to a game OR you could give a subscription to the PenaltyBox which is the gift that comes monthly. You can choose from one month, three month or an on-going subscription! Don't be boring - give the hockey gift that players really want! 

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