THE Gift For Hockey Players

A PenaltyBox subscription is the perfect gift for hockey players of any age. It's the gift that keeps giving! 

Stop your search. This is the gift every hockey player wants.

As someone who has been playing hockey my whole life, I have been through the ups and downs of gift receiving and having to gift other hockey players. As a kid, playing there was no better present for a hockey player than getting tickets to a game, but there was the extra burden of the parking and food cost for my parents. A shirt or a jersey is a nice hockey player gift idea, but what happens when they outgrow it or the player on the jersey is traded? As an adult, I can't tell you how many ties, mugs, beer glasses and pictures I have received as gifts... Again, all nice - but how many do you really need?

This is where the PenatlyBox comes in. 

A gift of the PenaltyBox gives your player a monthly delivery of great hockey essentials and performance gear that they will use on a daily basis in the locker room and on the ice. It is a hockey player gift that keeps giving. Plus, who doesn't like getting a package each month?

PenaltyBox subscriptions come in monthly ($39.99), three month (109.99) or six month ($199.00) subscriptions and each box is different, keeping your hockey player's gift fresh and exciting.